Virtual reality of you & me

Passing through the illusion of relationship without being in an actual relationship, I dropped myself into the another pair of shoes in our artsy pictures of us where I dreamed upon a relationship like social media post that wins #relationshipgoals. I swiped left in hopes of finding the right person and there you came along my way because I tried to special order for soulmate by a simple request to my heart. Then and there I realised, that you and me invest more time in our profiles than our personalities. We talk, we text, we hangout and we enjoy happy hours. We go for a coffee and chill with a beer, we do anything around but we avoid actual date. We let go any chance of achieving real connection by mutually pulling legs with no winner and we tease each other in little serious conversations. We hold our hands without the real eye contact because our eyes swim deep in the depth of shyness. We want the pretty promise of remaining together forever but not actual commitment where comes a fear of setting apart on each other. Still we want to commit, a little but not a lot. We only aim to keep deep connections with no shallow thoughts. Still we want to connect, enough but not too much. We take it slow to see where it goes, we don’t label us and we just hang on. We want to walk this middle line like pretending we don’t have emotions while wearing our heart on our sleeve and wanting to be held by someone yet not just wanting to need someone. We sit around the family and friends discussing about the rules, but no one really knows the game we are trying to play. So we are on the mission of holding all our ships to sail together for the rest of our lives. 


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