Incomplete puzzles to the complete falling. 

Unthoughtful conversations made their way to friendship that was set curious on knowings, difficult on understandings, no expectations on carings but led the going on wonderings. Every next time that the words turned down to feelings, two dreamers sailed the reality. Both remained themselves for each other as however difficult it had been to face the levels of truths and facts. While one of them was hanging around the confusion, other pulled it right back to clearance. While one of them felt nowhere living the life, other gave the reasons for the bliss. While thoughts were existing to be exchanged in the purest way, love came along for them. There was nothing that they would never think for each other because everything that they thought was complete for their fairly livings as one another. Moments and memories always played the key roles with time because dreamers remained too much for each other’s existence. Going along the willingness for the fights and the closeness, the possessiveness and the protective bindings, the discoveries on the outings, the blindly trust, the naked bodies as connected souls, the feeling of being husband and wife, real great hugs and felling kisses, cuddling all the nights of togetherness, longer discussions on anything and everything, finding the reasons to see each other around all the while, opening up to all the expressions and emojis, dreamers made their best happenings in time. Nothing really went wrong but situations tore them apart. While advices where as tons, helpings were in no disgrace. Two of them yet were left for each other in some or the other way but nobody really understood the reasons on giving in. So one of them had to come up with some possibility, other went difficult on surviving the acceptance. One of them set forth the blessings, other was counting over the left days. One of them may live the life with all the hardness as everything in control, other would feel the dead tread rolling to its certainty. Along the dreamers, deep down that something which is always going to be is their purity of love as best that ever happened for both of them. 


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