Truffle trails along the dawn. 

His love wasn’t perfect because he never considered himself to be perfect. He forgot things, he showed up late. He tried his hardest just to make sure she’s happy. He sometimes said the wrong things because he didn’t know what to say to make her feel better, instead he also held by her in comforting her and listening to her. He had been there for her like nobody else have been for her before. He remembered the little things to make her smile and did anything it took to only make her smile. He showed up randomly with little surprises that would let her think of him all the while. He showed her his sweet side that he typically hided from the world and he hugged her close when she was sad. He supported her for feeling confident and gave her a little kick in the ass when she started to lose track of her goals and motivation. He had been behind her 100 percent of the way because he believed in her dreams and never wanted to see herself giving up when things get hard. He pushed her to become a better person. He looked into her eyes and really trusted her. He saw who she was beyond the front she showed the world and he loved all the imperfect parts about her because they were still perfect to him. He made her feel like she have found a home in his heart and he was a kind to her. He never left her feeling uneasy or uncertain about their relationship and he never left her up at night sick over what he could be doing. He never had put her on the back burner and he did not make her feel like she’s got to fight for his attention. He loved her with his whole heart, even the parts that have previously been broken because he knew that she deserved all he’s got. He made her feel like she is his greatest blessing. He was proud to show her off and brag about her to his friends and family. He opened compartments of her heart that she didn’t know existed before his love and made her feel things she has never felt before. He always thought about the embarrassing little things she did were adorable and it only made him fall further in love with her. He proved it to her just how much she meant to him every day. He didn’t make her wait around forever, he didn’t give her mixed signals, he didn’t play games with her head or her heart and he didn’t take advantage of how deeply she loved. He knew her better than she knew herself and he was the reason that she realized why it didn’t work out with anyone else. He loved her the way she deserved to be loved. She was the girl he had always dreamed about. He wasn’t perfect but he tried to be perfect for her. He was the kind of guy she was waiting for but while she had got him all at once, she lost him all forever. 


Accurate window of deepness. 

If I ever decide to give up on you, just understand how much that took out of me. I’m the type to give endless chances, always have your back when you’re wrong and truly accept you for who you are as when the rest of the world doesn’t want you, I will. 

So if I ever give up on you? Understand it took everything I had left inside of me to leave you alone. Because if I love you and care for you, there isn’t anything on this planet I would do only for you. “Leave you”. 🙂 


Factual haunting. 

It’s been a while that he finally accepted the end, but his heart still aches everytime he thinks of how they ended. 

And if he could go back, he wishes he could tell her – he stayed for so long. Not because he was weak, but because he believed a good person in her. 

He left. Not because she stopped wanting him, but because he no longer loved himself by loving her.